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Women, Men and Vision!!!

So this is my first attempt at writing and need i say it isn’t so bad after all…i have just been scared for nothing so for the time been i will be writing from the top of my head.

The female specie is a very wonderful one but the issue is that a whole lot of them don’t even know what they want in the opposite sex but not too worry i will help you out because truth be told i have had my own fair share of the male folk and with constant and frequent listening of some great men of God like Dr. Myles Munroe and Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo and my very amiable boss at work Mr.Chigozie Orunta and i have some nuggets i would love to share with you.

The man for you has to have a clear vision of what he wants first of all, must be in the presence of God.

-He has a clear Vision .

-He is in the presence of God.

-He is working already.

-He can cultivate you (improves and brings out the best in you).

-He will increase and improve your value.

-He is a protector, doesn’t use his strength to molest or abuse you.

-He is the teacher of the word, knows the bible and can teach you the word.

So, lets stop here today…see you same time next week.

Remember whatever you mismanage, you LOSE