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 So i have been listening to Dr Myles Munroe a whole lot now and honestly if you haven’t listened to any of his messages i would advice you do so. There is this particular message of his titled ”Solutions to Financial Problems” and i must confess it’s a must watch and without further ado lemme dive into the details i got from it. 

In Genesis 2:4-5 (AMP), God deliberately withheld growth and progress on earth because there was no man on earth to manage the resources so that means God wants us to be great managers so you should know God didn’t create RICH or POOR people, all he did was to create PEOPLE and he wants us to be great managers of the resources he has deposited with us. If you can’t handle 10,000 Naira what makes you feel you can handle 1 million Naira???. The divine goal of mankind is to dominate earth with work, God will never answer a prayer request from anyone who is a bad or lazy manager of the resources he gave.

    Everything we own is for God and him alone. Most times when we hear the word TITHE, our mind just runs straight to money but its not only money. If you have 10 shoes, one of them isn’t your own, 10 dresses, one of them isn’t your own ( because a time will come when he will ask of you give it out so be ready) and if we have 24 hours in a day, 2 hours 40 minutes isn’t your own and if you don’t spent that time with God then we are robbing him which we should never do. God wants us to be economists – to get the maximum of something out of the minimum because answered prayer is regulated by your capacity to manage well.

When we tithe, we are invariably telling God we are great managers of his resources and that they are available to him whenever he wants them. 


Tithing makes us 

  • Accountable
  • Disciplined
  • Honest
  • Diligent
  • Faithful
  • Trustworthy

I pay my tithe and i hope you do too😍 so until the next time we meet again…stay safe and don’t forget to pay your TITHE because it pays to pay your TITHE!!!